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About Us

Vortex Innovations (Vortexi), was established in Melbourne, Australia. Vortexi’s main goal is to understand the need for companies and governments to work towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly process of operation for removal and treatment of waste.

Vortexi has strategic alliances with European partners that have enabled us to position the company favourably within the renewable energy / energy efficiencies market.

The company has not only secured technology relationships with leading energy producing / efficient product suppliers. We can also design and engineer our own technology process to address the need for energy efficiencies in Waste to Energy Recovery.

With offices in Australia, and establishing partners in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and United Kingdom, Vortexi is well placed to service and support the Asia Pacific region.

Vortexi is currently working closely with governments and the private sector in Asia Pacific on solutions to address the rising problems of waste disposal, power supply, generation and efficient use of plant and equipment.

Our Vision Statement

“To become the leading provider of renewable energy products
and MSW solutions in the Asia Pacific regions”

Our Mission Statement

“To understand the customers’ requirements – to design, construct and deliver energy saving technologies and procedures and educate the customer to utilise these implementations.”

Our values

Our Values serve as the core foundation for Vortexi to deliver on our Mission, with a goal to achieve the company’s long term vision while working to ensure the community and environmental sustainability.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

Environmental Sustainability

Ensure demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future.


To work efficiently and effectively as a whole.


Accept responsibility for your verbal directions and physical actions, and to disclose any results in a transparent manner.


Provide a product or service that exceeds the customers expectation

Business Strategy

Partner with Local Renewable Partners in-order to provide the necessary local government requirement, as required by law and principles of the country regarding waste management and management of the plant’s daily operation efficiency.


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