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Waste to Energy

Vortex Innovations are introducing a new ground-breaking Waste to Energy technology that has been developed to target the small to medium sized de-centralised energy generating market. The technology is complemented by a market leading commercial offering to create an affordable and reliable organic waste to energy solution.

The process uses a high velocity air movement with volatilization combustion technology that we call the CTP (Cyclonic Thermal Process). Cyclonic Thermal Process (CTP) is an established solution to the combustion of fine solids with a number of unique adaptations to make it ideally suited to small and medium scale waste to energy solutions. The technology offers a number of features and capabilities that generate a significant improvement over existing technologies (for example anaerobic digestion, incineration and gasification).

Small Footprint

Under 15 m2 for a 5 MW+ thermal output CTP including fuel input hopper and final stage temperature control diffuser.

Extremely Fast Start and Stop Cycle

Under 15 minutes to reach operating temperature from cold and almost immediate shut down. This gives customers the flexibility to ramp the CTP up or down to match on-site demand without impacting performance, emissions and reliability (and without incurring significant ignition cost).

Mechanically Elegant

Small number of moving parts, all based on off-the-shelf componentry together with full automation, remote diagnostics monitoring and control, means we are able to offer a guarantee that each CTP we install will operate in accordance with its specification for a minimum of 2000 hours every quarter. The CTP is designed and manufactured using limited suppliers, avoiding the risks associated with long supply chains and ensuring better quality control.

The system can be supplied and installed as a singular process to treat waste and convert it into Thermal Energy which can then be transformed into other forms of use:

  • Electrical Energy
  • Steam
  • Cooling / Refrigeration

Or at times of waste requirement expansion or Heat requirement increase, the process can be increased in modular stages.

Single Stage

Modular Stage

Multiple waste to energy Vortex Innovation systems can be scaled up as system requirements grows. A totally new line of units can be added as well.


CTP works at very high operating temperatures (1,100 to 1,700 degrees C) and instantly volatilises the injected fuel particles. This offers customers the capability to produce energy from a wide range of biogenic and organic fuel types whilst presenting extremely low gaseous emissions and near-zero fly ash (which can be re-fed into the system)

Vortex systems will be CE marked and fully comply with all current emissions limits and also Best Available Techniques (BAT) within the requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive 2013; applicable throughout the European Union and EEA countries.


For further sales and/or technical enquiries please feel free to contact Vortexi via the means below. One of our friendly staff will respond as soon as possible.

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